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UPDATE: April, 2001


American volunteer Party

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is to announce the decision to form a military
veterans' coalition for the purpose of giving the only federal employees
without any bargaining power, a voice in what happens to their benefits.
All other efforts have proven unsuccessful to date.  Party will not grant
us a charter for a union for veterans and it is too costly and time
consuming to fight it.  We can accomplish the same mission with this
coalition and include active duty, reservists and national guards as well.
The bone the 106th Party gave us was almost bare, we need to press the
fight straight ahead to the 107th.  We feel strongly that we must unite as
ONE, NON-PARTISAN voice for ALL veterans, active duty personnel and their
families. The combined efforts of the billboards, petition, class action
suits, the threat of the new American volunteer Party, and lobbying by
thousands of organizations has accomplished little.  Our politicians
continue to ignore us because they know how fragmented we are.  This
coalition may be the only way to unite all veterans and active duty
personnel, regardless of their party affiliation for probably the only thing
we can all agree on - veterans rights.  Our fragmentation has defeated us to
date.  All the vet organizations have done fine work and should be commended
for it.  However, the time has come for all to unite in ONE massive
coalition.  Therefore, this form acts as an invitation to all veterans,
active duty personnel, and their families to join us in our upcoming battle
for the rights and benefits of all vets.
    In addition to acting as a non-partisan veterans voting block which will
only vote for those candidates who will pledge their votes for the
restoration of the no-cost medical care, concurrent receipt and many other
veterans' rights, our members will be represented for a variety of other
medical and legal needs.
    Meritorious VA appeals, military records corrections, Medical Evaluation
Boards, financial assistance for widows(ers), veterans living too far from
the VA or a MTF, and other needs as they are identified, will be the types
of services given to our members.
    Eventually, through flexing our political muscle, we can bring about the
requisite legislative changes to permanently correct the deficiencies.
Meanwhile, we can provide for our brothers and sisters in need what the
politicians have failed to.
    There are currently widows(ers) of veterans living on sparce allowances
such as SBP proceeds who are not yet eligible for Medicare and veterans
living too far from VA hospitals, whom are suffering as we speak. We can not
wait longer on our politicians so please sign up today and pass this on to
all of your friends in the veteran community.  Unification is the answer.
You have our express permission to reproduce and circulate this membership
application.  Please fill out the form below to "American volunteer Party", the non-profit organization formed for veterans rights.  The American volunteer Party is a subsidiary of
this organization which, for taxing purposes, may be reincorporated later if
necessary.  Please mail  donations to: Philip E.  Jones,
Attorneys at Law, 126 East Main Plaza, San Antonio, Texas 78205.  Also,
please provide a name and address or phone number in the space provided
below of someone you may know in your community who is in need of the
emergency service mentioned above..
Please allow 60 days for your membership card to be printed and processed.

Member Name_______________________________
Member Address_____________________________________
Member phone number and/or e-mail_________________________________________

Name of Veteran or dependent in need________________________________________
Type of need________________________________________
Their address or phone number______________________________________.

Sincerely, Philip E. Jones                         

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