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MY WEB SITE IS  and I am the SC for Tennessee.  It soon will be (previous site will be operational by may 1st.) 

                  Veterans Bill of Rights-Organization

                   USFSPA Class Action Law Suit



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Serving the veteran and disabled veteran community.

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      D and G enterprises  

          Vietnam Music and Historical material(AFVN)

                Click here:WorldNetDaily-A Free Press for a Free People


The Retired Enlisted Association - 



  VA Web Site on Benefits

VA E-Mail Contacts

Where to Find a Lawyer for veteran claims

American Legion




National Veterans Organization 

Vietnam Veterans of America


  Purple Heart

   Paralyzed Veterans of America

        Subscribe to free news Veteran Issues

                US Army news

                Korean War Museum & Library

                         The Retired Officer Assoc

                Dept of Veteran Affairs Complaint Line

             Apply for Veterans Benefits online

             Veteran Bills in the Senate

              Email Your Senator

             Email Your Congressman

Find your Representative

                 Veteran Bills in the House

                  Senate Armed Services Committee

                       Email Your TV Station

                    Email Your Radio Station

                  Register to Vote on Internet

                How to File for Freedom of Information

                   Go to Code of Federal Regulations

                   Petition for a Fair Hearing at VA

                  National Personnel Records Center

                  Info on USFSPA for Military Retirees

                 Flying Space Available on Military Planes

                 Search (most) Vietnam Vets by Name

                 Web search for Newspapers online

              Very good site for answering individual computer questions!

  Excellent People search engine

          Free long distant Phone calls

  Learn Applets

US copyright office

                Veteran News & Current Legislation

                  Vet to Vet Links and other Veteran info

                 The Atlanta Group million letters to congress

                  Veteran's Rights in Federal Employment

        Medical Info & Help

Click here: Social Security Handbook 2001

Compensation and Pension advisor-VA

   The Freedom For Veterans Amendment Petition 


                   You can sign up here to get free tracking service - a copy of everything they do will be        e-mailed to you to read.  We need informed Warriors!  We need to do this folks.  I suggest that every one of us "shadow" our own Representative and Senators.  They have to know that we are "watching them". Sign up is easy.  Just go to the link below, scroll down, click on the tracking bar and fill out the registration.

Want to keep track of everything your Representative and Senator is doing in D.C.?


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Coast Guard Discussion group/Information

Gulf War Vets

  Grass Roots Veteran

     Look at this web site for POW/MIA info


and list of casualties by state for Korea and Vietnam

American Battle Monuments Site


  Paul's 9th Inf Div


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