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American Volunteer Party




The recent class action lawsuit we have undertaken regarding military voter
disenfranchisement has led us to announce that we are organizing a meeting
of ALL interested moderate, conservative, and veterans organizations March
17 - 18, 2001, in San Antonio, for the purpose of consolidating our efforts
by forming a coalition of organizations.  I would like to take this
opportunity to invite you and any organization you are a member of, to
attend this convention. Let me know if you would be interested and I will
advise you of the location.

The new coalition being formed will have the organizational model of our
U.S. Party.  Each individual organization will be authorized one seat in
our "Volunteer Senate", regardless of their size.  Each individual
organization will be authorized seats in the "Volunteer House of
Representatives" based on their total membership - that number will be
determined at the convention in March.  There will be no executive branch
obviously.  The judicial branch will be composed of a small legal staff
whose purpose will be to determine the legality of proposals made by the
"Volunteer Party".

The Coalition itself will have only administrative duties. Policy making
authority will be within the sole realm of the Volunteer Party.  Party
shall meet twice a year to determine policy proposals  which will be
presented to our U.S. Party.  These proposals will be presented as bills
we consider mandatory and it will be made clear that we plan to act as a
massive voting block to enforce our will.  If our elected representatives do
not closely track our proposals they can not expect to receive our votes.
Obviously we can not circumvent our political process by overriding the will

of our elected officials - however, we do have a right to vote in a bloc,
thereby flexing our unified political might.  Certainly, if our legal staff
overlooks something and the U.S. Party can point out our faulty
reasoning, we will gladly modify our proposals.  However, our modifications
will not be made for political reasons - only for the good of the nation.
For too long our elected representatives have promised one thing and done
another with little accountability.  This coalition will attempt to end that
practice. It is time to take back our country and put it in the rightful
hands of the people.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of topics on the agenda.  Please supply any
suggestions you would like considered in writing to this office prior to
2-15-2001. Also, please RSVP as soon as possible so we can determine how
large a facility we will need.

Election Fraud - Remedies

Objective News Reporting - Boycott vs.. Buying Television Stations

Voting Bloc - How to Leverage Our Power

Petition - The Lost Art

Concurrent Receipt for Disabled Veterans

Health Care

Coalition and Organizational Issues.

Veteran Employment Discrimination


Second Amendment - Right to Bear Arms



    Many have asked about individual membership in the Volunteer Party.
As you know each moderate, conservative or veterans' organization will be
represented in the Volunteer Party, and they may present proposals for
the Party to debate and vote on.  Those proposals receiving a three
fourths majority will be sent to the legal committee and written up as
proposed bills and sent to the U.S. Party.
     At first blush it seems like we are leaving out the individuals voice.
This is not the case.  We have developed a prototype organization,  the "American Volunteer Party" where they will review all of the suggestions
submitted from all of the organizations on that particular issue as stated
    So, as you can see, one person's proposal, if well researched and
thought out, could end up being the proposal sent to the U.S. Party, with
credit given to the original author.  Your proposal may eventually be
enacted into law.  Of course, most individual proposals will not rise to the
level of perfection on their own to be submitted without change.  However,
the possibility is there for those willing to put forth the effort to
research their topic, to actually make the proposal that eventually becomes
    Most people feel that our politicians have not accurately represented
the wishes of their constituents inasmuch as they typically promise one
thing and do quite another.  With this new powerful voting block we can
implement a system where the "people" are actually given the voice they
deserve.  When our proposals are presented to the U.S. Party it will be
made clear that we do not intent to supercede their law making authority,
but we will exercise our right to vote only for those Partymen who vote
for our proposals.  To gain this new leverage we must be willing to put
aside partisan politics and actually live up to our threat by voting only
for those candidates who vote for our proposals, regardless of their party
    There are several possible scenarios that may result from our strategy.
First, one party's candidate from your district may vote for our proposal
and the other against it.  That makes it easy to choose.
    Second, both may vote for it, in which case you will have to decide
which candidate you like best on the other issues.
    Third, both candidates vote against our proposal.  They may do just that
to show us we can not circumvent their will.  What they will be ignoring is
that the will of the people is what they are SUPPOSED to be voting for. 
    The last possibility is the most likely.  Since we will have many
proposals on many diverse issues, a particular candidate will likely vote
for some and against others.  In that event we will have to evaluate their
voting record and recommend the candidate who has supported us the most.
    "American Volunteer Party"  model may certainly be used
by the others if they so desire.  However, each organization is antonymous
and certainly may come up with their proposals in any manner they desire.
We are not alleging that our method is best, nor are we trying to convince
other organizations to do it our way - it is merely a model for them to look
at.  All of the organizations that are members of the coalition and
American Volunteer Party are valuable assets in our goal to take the country back
from the liberal agenda.  Any suggestions will be carefully considered in
this new venture.

                                            Issues & Concerns