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We, the undersigned, wish to join the American Volunteer Party.  It is our desire to unite active duty military personnel, retired military, reservists, national guards, civilian law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, other patriotic supporters, and all of their families into the largest voting force in America.  We express our desire to end the polarization currently existing in the two-party system.  Our goal is to eliminate broken promises, deception and self-serving from the American political scene.  This can only be accomplished by eliminating career politicians.  We plan on returning the country to leadership by those who have served their country, place honor above self, and are used to sacrifice.  Career politicians need not apply.  It is time for a change.  Our basic platform stances are listed below.  We pledge to vote for and otherwise promote these policies, while understanding that none of us will totally agree on each point. 


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You will be sent a registration form when the American Volunteer Party has been completed.  Feel free to copy and distribute this blank form as needed.

 For further information contact Philip Earl Jones at the address below:

Campbell, Finch & Jones, Attorneys at Law

126 East Main Plaza

San Antonio, Texas 78205

Phone: (210) 224-1923; Fax: (210) 227-4229

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