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Thanks for signing. I know it is a little trouble, but please make six copies of the blank petition below, or attached, and get five friends, neighbors or family members over 18 years old to sign one of them. Then give each one of them a blank petition, with a copy of these instructions, and ask them to do the same. When your sheet is filled up, please mail it to me.

    I believe it is EVERY AMERICAN'S DUTY to help right these egregious wrongs, which have been perpetrated on retired military personnel. This is the only way we will be able to get the 20 million signatures we want to deliver to Congress by the 4th of July.

 Thanks. Phil

PETITION TO THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS We, the undersigned, hereby petition Congress to place the following issues on the 2004 ballot as a national referendum for the people to decide. First, to enact the necessary legislation to restore the no-cost medical/dental care to our retired military personnel (and their spouses) who faithfully served their country for a career, whether it was a 20 year retirement, a medical retirement, or an authorized early retirement, as long as they were on duty prior to October 1st, 1995. These brave warriors faithfully served their country for an entire career, based on their feelings of patriotism, and the expectation that the government would provide lifetime, no-cost medical/dental care for them and their spouses.

In 1995 the government unilaterally breached their promise of said care after these brave men and women had fulfilled their end of the bargain. These men and women placed their lives in danger for an entire career, while seeing many of their brothers lose their lives or body parts to protect all Americans. To deny these people the care promised them is unconscionable, and every American should be outraged, especially since a whole new generation may soon be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.

If Congress cannot find the money to live up to their obligation to these brave warriors out of the Defense Budget, they shall discontinue whatever amount of funds spent on welfare and foreign aid, necessary to provide it. Second, to enact the necessary legislation to allow disabled, retired military to receive their Veterans' Administration Disability Pay without being forced to deduct that pay from their retirement checks. Congressmen and all other government employees are allowed to receive their disability checks, if any, without being forced to deduct said amount from THEIR retirement checks. Those same privileges must be afforded to those men and women who fought to protect the freedom of all Americans. It is a national disgrace to continue to perpetrate these inequities on our brave men and women. It shall be funded in the same manner as the first issue above.

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Every American who appreciates the sacrifices the military men and women have made for this country should sign this petition - not just vets! I will present the petition to Congress on the 4th of July, 2003.

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